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Goal formulation statement Essay

Objectives are created from the SWOT examination. This is definitely not an unrealistic reasoning. Objectives portray targets that are explicit as for extent and time. An objective is a practical, quantifiable, time-dated objective of achievement later on. Why objective definition so significant thing for vital arranging? Vital arranging is a procedure that decides the eventual fate of association. Objective detailing decides asset designation required. Having a demonstrated procedure for key arranging and objective detailing puts forth the attempt progressively proficient. This guarantees a key arrangement will give an edge that will shape a company’s future. Objectives definition changes over the company’s crucial, vital vision to explicit execution targets, something the company’s progress can be resolved. All objectives must be expressed in quantifiable or quantifiable terms, contain a cutoff time for accomplishment. Let’s consider an objective definition process as far as versatile eatery business with food to-go, which is well known in the United States yet at the same time not introduced here in Kazakhstan. Overall emergency gave a route to this particular business where not just experts †boss cooks that has been terminated or lost their business due to being unfruitful †even straightforward ex-office assistant who lost employment during downturn can run it. Prepares get ready and sell food directly on the road where truck left. The principle objective of each business is to create benefit. In any case, the objectives of each business change, contingent upon the kind of industry they are in, the requests of the market, the current state of the market. To be specific When defining business objectives, business person should remember that explicitness is extremely critical to envision precisely how the final product would be. For example:† Generate deals of $ 500 000 in the wake of running my versatile café element for year† is progressively explicit objective, than basic â€Å"I need to be rich†. At that point, one progressively explicit objective is how much â€Å"branches† with me †â€Å"trucks†, I wish to have following a particular number of years, the specific number of representatives following a year, the specific number of clients I routinely have regularly. To be quantifiable This part of objective definition is tied up with particularity. I have to have a unit of estimation to decide that I am so near my objectives. For instance, during estimating money related status, I have to quantify deals, costs every day. To be Attainable A decent methodology is to partition a colossal objective into littler goals to assist business visionary with accomplishing through littler advances. Defining sensible objectives, in view of individual ability, the current workforce and the assets accessible in the organization. To be Realistic To realize how to fix objectives, I need to check current capacities and assets first, check how well the business is getting along and do an exhaustive assessment before defining business objectives. For instance, I can check what number of clients I have, what number of absolute deals produce every day, at that point make objective plan on the regular routine. I must be cautious about the current circumstance available, just as the interest for specific item administration. Something else is to make showcasing plan, which helps make objectives increasingly sensible. To be â€Å"Time-bound† Business goes on as long as I have enough assets and labor to continue it. This is a perfect advertising to set objectives on a day by day, month to month, quarterly and yearly premise. I guess defining colossal objectives in a short time frame can prompt stunning and out of reach results, despite everything defining little objectives over an extensive stretch of time can prompt postponement and wastage. Set errand and utilize enough an ideal opportunity for achievement for business to develop. Marketable strategy remembers objectives plan for its initial segment. This is extremely significant for representative, particularly on the off chance that he looks for a speculator. It’s incredibly huge to take a gander at objectives of the business over in any event one entire year. Business visionary ought to do a month to month survey of business to distinguish which objectives have been practiced. After year, reevaluate and modify everything. A business will proceed to advance as long as there are accessible objectives and goals. Regardless of whether business progressing admirably, defining new objectives and working with the patterns must happen.

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FEAR OF TECHNOLOGY Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Dread OF TECHNOLOGY - Essay Example There is a noteworthy reality that individuals are presently ready to imagine the future as far as innovation. Our lives are overwhelmed by items and the issues of innovation since all parts of our lives; social exercises, training, even religion has come to depend vigorously on innovation (Banks and Stevens, 2005, p.265). Reality that has risen is the dread of innovation corresponding to what they will do on the grounds that its reception has burglarized humans’ security and even access to an assortment of data. In addition, innovation has become an unoriginal component and this can be found in the legislatures and corporate in the manner in which they have empowered machines to run without anyone else and not with the control of a person. The general public all in all has brought up issues on whether there are troubles in the manner individuals describe the manner in which innovation has been grasped, or the manner in which innovation has had an effect in their lives. Intricacies occur in the opportunity the individuals have in utilizing innovation, this is found in the manner in which people give machines something that is humankind. At the point when people reject at least one of their duties, machine promptly fill the position and plays out the undertaking. People have built up the propensi ty to offer articulations to do and take up the autonomous life they have in innovation, and reality behind this is intensified in the innovation of PCs, making PCs free operators. Individuals ought not overlook the way that the self-sufficient life we have is our own, and there ought to be a showdown with all offices of innovation in all parts of our lives. The arrangement most appropriate to beat this inebriation brought about by innovation is finding an equalization that is correct (Carroll and Buchholtz, 2011, p 274). This should be possible by adjusting between the accentuations on human opportunity where innovation ought to be made unbiased, and putting a built up accentuation on proclivities of the people by

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Minimum Wage Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

The lowest pay permitted by law - Essay Example The lowest pay permitted by law increments as just a momentary advantage to poor people. Costs will rapidly modify for this expansion as organizations raise costs to compensate for the expanded wages they should pay. They have to keep benefits the equivalent or raise an ascent in representative wages will liken to an ascent in costs. Supporters of living compensation laws state that the present the lowest pay permitted by law essentially doesn't stay aware of the average cost for basic items. Permitting bosses to pay not exactly a living compensation is simply cost-moving to the general population everywhere, compelling the administration and private foundations to fill in the hole between low compensation and endurance. Numerous financial analysts bolsters that the lowest pay permitted by law involves social equity which lessens abuse and guarantees that laborers can bear the cost of essential necessities of living. Supporters preclude claims from securing causal connections between the lowest pay permitted by law and antagonistic effects upon work, and propose that regardless, more noteworthy social advantage gets from the lowest pay permitted by law. Raising the base wages of workers builds the financial effectiveness of the economy where work markets show a high level of market power with respect to managers. As Kash clarifies, (Montag 51) The lowest pay permitted by law goes up in one spot, however doesn't change directly nearby.

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Passionate Optimism Its Nice, but Will it Land You a Job

A few weeks ago we reported on the bleak career future for humanities PhD holders. Our post concluded on a rather pessimistic note, sharing the advice of Thomas H. Benton who warns humanities students against pursuing higher degrees in the humanities. RecentlyThe Daily Pennsylvanian expressed a glimmer of hope on the otherwise rather depressing subject of humanities-related career opportunities. The article, entitled With declining job opportunities humanities grad students remain optimistic (a positive title), begins like this: A massive decrease in scholarly job opportunitiesespecially those in languages and literaturehas brought the challenges doctoral candidates in these areas face into the national spotlight. Not a very optimistic start to an article on optimism that then continues to talk about a past New York Times article that expresses the same pessimistic view of the humanities-related job market. So where does the optimism come in? The Penn students express their ambivalence about their post-grad job prospects with a refreshing burst of passion. Penn students understand that the job market today may not be the job market in six or seven years, the amount of time it takes many students to finish their PhDs. Whos to say they shouldnt pursue their dreams because of where the always-fluctuating job market is today, or even where its been for the last few years? Were all here because we want to be professors, says one English graduate student. The likelihood, though, is that were not going to get exactly what we want in terms of the type of job were looking for. That same student concludes the article by saying, Your subfield is what youre passionate about. I dont know anyone who doctored their interests based on getting a job. Optimism is always appreciated; but in todays economy, I think people have doctored their interests based on getting a job, even if it meant putting their passion-driven PhDs on hold for a while. Related Resources: Writing Your Statement of Purpose, 10 Dos and 10 Donts Five Fatal Flaws to Avoid, a free ecourse Financing Your Future: Winning Fellowships, Scholarships and Awards for Grad School, an ebook ~ Helping You Write Your Best

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The Presence Of Parent And Child Communication - 1259 Words

The presence of parent and child communication also matters. It is important for parents to discuss sex, love, and relationships directly with their children. Parents who thoroughly communicate their values and expectations to their children, express their concerns and love at an early age and do it often, and gives sufficient supervision — including their child’s selection of friends and role models — raise children who are more likely to avoid early sexual activity, pregnancy, and parenthood than those parents who do not. (Kim, (2008). This can be harder when there is only one parent. The probability of this communication becomes less and it results in such behavior. Much of the time that parent is working full-time and trying to maintain the home, in addition to everything that comes with parenting a child. Outside factors can lead to less communication especially from a single parent raising a teen alone. Several studies found that more frequent parent-child communication was associated with a decreased risk of sexual initiation, a lower frequency of sexual intercourse and fewer sexual partners, and more consistent contraceptive or condom use. However, some studies found mixed effects or no effects on this measure. (Scott, Berger, (2014). This can vary from ethnic groups. Evidence suggests that Latino parents may be more reluctant to talk about sex and reproductive health with their children than are other parents. Additionally, when Latino families do discuss sexualShow MoreRelatedEssay On Siblings Of Chronicly Ill Children1375 Words   |  6 Pagesand self-attributes. While the psychological impact of a chronic illness is not as measurably significant as the impact on the chronically ill child, it is substantial. Internalization is more often exhibited than externalization. This is explained as children did not wish to place more of a burden on the family than was already felt and/or because parents were psychologically and emotionally unavailable to care for the psychological and emotional needs of their children. This study suggests youngerRead MoreEducating Children With Learning Disabilities1612 Words   |  7 PagesIntroduction Educators and parents sometimes have very different views on the education of their children and the best approaches to classroom process. Educational initiatives since the implementation of the No Child Left Behind Act (NCLB) has led to increasing focus on providing parents with adequate data for decision-making and promoting positive parent/teacher interactions. For children with learning disabilities, the team approach based on interactions between parents and teachers is one of theRead MoreA Childs Socialization Agents1275 Words   |  6 Pageswithin our family, community, child care or school, the media, and our peers. These small settings make the most significant impact on our lives and aid in our socialization complexity. In order for a child to have a positive socialization experience, each Microsystem must consist of appropriate influences and encourage a child to have a positive self image. The familys main function is support and it is the most impacting Microsystem on a child. In order for the child to be positively effectedRead MoreMonitoring Pickup Of School Children Essay1612 Words   |  7 PagesAbstract: It is time consuming task for parents to check the regular presence of the children in the school. But this project of sending information to the parents whose children were absent from the school through GSM in the form of SMS will give an easy, low cost and automatic solution. This project presents a system to monitor pickup of school children to enhance the safety of children during the daily transportation to school. The system consists of two main units, a bus unit and a school unitRead MoreCommunication : Notes On The Day Of Judgment893 Words   |  4 PagesCommunication: Colossians 4:6 (NET) â€Å"Let your speech always be gracious, seasoned with salt, so that you may know how you should answer everyone.† Matthew 12:36-37 (NET) â€Å"I tell you that on the day of judgment, people will give an account for every worthless word they speak. For by your words you will be justified, and by your words you will be condemned.† These two verses remind me that I need to be thoughtful in my communication with others. Throughout life I have opened said things I shouldn’tRead MoreEvolutionary Concepts Of The Family System Essay1443 Words   |  6 PagesSubsidiary relationship with parents and among siblings helps the learning of negotiation, cooperation, competition and relations with authority figures and peer. The limits or internal family boundaries are identifiable by the different rules applicable to different family subsystems behavior. Example: The rules that apply to the behavior of parents (parental subsystem) are often different from those that apply to the behavior of children (subsidiary subsystem). Thus, parents usually have more decision-makingRead MoreTo Harvest Ones Sowings Essay859 Words   |  4 Pagesinstance, if an infant or toddler is in the constant presence of a caregiver who reacts to upsetting situations by crying or lashing out and being out of control of his or her emotions, the developing child might have difficulties with emotional regulations – controlling ones feelings so that they do not interfere with productivity. It is of utmost importance that children learn to regulate their emotions. Understandably, a child will use a parent or caregiver as a role-model on how to manage theirRead MoreAggressive Behavior, Heredity and Environment Essays694 Words   |  3 PagesSpecial attention given to a child is very needed. Friends or peers also influences an individual’s personality. Influences on a child or person can be both positive or negative. An individuals environment and friends ethniticy are an important component of their positive or negative behavior. Aggression is one of many characteristics of temperaments. There is happiness, confidentiality, etc†¦ But I will talk of aggression. There are many different causes of aggression. A child or person experiences aggressionRead MoreThe Internet : Benefits Of Children Using The Internet1457 Words   |  6 Pagescommunicate, be creative, learn and have fun. However, parents have concerns about children having unlimited access to the Internet. These concerns include: a decrease in family communication, a lack of family relationships, child-obesity and online threats. Although these concerns about children becoming familiarized with the Internet at a young age have developed, the Internet has prosperous outcomes on children and their academic growth and communication. A child’s academic achievements are concentratedRead MoreThe Positive and Negative Effects of Using Cellphones During Class Hours1141 Words   |  5 PagesAs cell phones evolve and become more accessible in daily life, scholars and educators are forced to evaluate the effects of the presence of cell phones in college classes and adapt to education in a cellular age. Studies revealed that 96 percent of students own a cell phone and nearly 70 percent of those phones have Internet capabilities. With the advent of smart phones and cell phone applications, students are more connected to the world and are bringing that connection into classrooms. Suzanne

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Pearl Harbor, By Jeanne Wakatsuki Houston And James D....

As soon as the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor ceased, terrified and uneasy Americans across the nation scrambled to find someone or something to blame the surprise attack on, and they did. All Japanese Americans, whether they actually had something to do with Pearl Harbor and were conspiring with Japan or not, were put into internment camps and were shamed and stripped of their pride. Farewell to Manzanar by Jeanne Wakatsuki Houston and James D. Houston is a touching and a brutal awakening memoir of young Jeanne Wakatsuki’s experience in Manzanar, an internment camp located in California. Readers are introduced to the suddenness of the evacuation, the treatment of Japanese-Americans in the internment camps, and more specifically how†¦show more content†¦Next, something must be said about the fact that most Japanese-Americans lived in separate neighborhoods than other Americans. As stated in the text of Farewell to Manzanar, â€Å"... She felt safer there than isolat ed racially in Ocean Park† (10-11). â€Å"There† is refering to Terminal Island, which is an island that was, during that time, mainly inhabited by Japanese-Americans. Jeanne’s mother moved the whole family over to Terminal Island from Ocean Park, after Jeanne’s father was taken by the FBI. While living in Ocean Park, they were the only Japanese-American family there. All of these things show that the Japanese-Americans separated themselves from other Americans, and vice-versus. Due to a predetermined opinion of both sides, these two races or parties rather, separated themselves from each other. Finally, prejudice still played a role in the aftermath of the Japanese-American Relocation. Even as Japanese-Americans were making there way back from the internment camps, they were still treated as outcasts, and were not given the same rights or opportunities as their fellow Americans. They were forced to accept the blame for others hurting them and treating th em wrongly, and put that burden on themselves, even though it was not their fault. According to pages 159 and 160 in Farewell to Manzanar, â€Å"Choosing friends, for instance, often depended upon whether or not I could be invited to their homes, whether their parentsShow MoreRelatedWedding Speech By Jeanne Wakatsuki Houston And James D. Houston1484 Words   |  6 PagesFarewell To Manzanar by Jeanne Wakatsuki Houston and James D. Houston tells the story of Jeanne Wakatsuki Houston when she was a young girl, in spite of her japanese heritage, she and her family faced struggles during the time of The Pearl Harbor attack and The war between Japan and the United States, which was the Second World War. As the story goes by it shares all of the hard work they had to do as a family to overcome the struggles. Also how the struggle and hard work, changed their lives a lotRead MoreEssay Farewell to Manzanar1142 Words   |  5 PagesFarewell to Manzanar Farewell to Manzanar is sociologist and writer Jeanne Wakatsuki Houstons first hand account of her interment in the Japanese camps during World War II. Growing up in southern California, she was the youngest of ten children living in a middle-to lower class, but comfortable life style with her large family. In the beginning of her story, she told about how her family was close, but how they drifted apart during and after their internment in the camp. The ironic part ofRead MoreFarewell to Manzanar Novell Analysis Essay3943 Words   |  16 PagesFarewell to Manzanar 1)Title-Farewell to Manzanar, published in 1973, was written by Jeanne Wakatsuki Houston and James D. Houston. It is a classic memoir of the life and struggles of a young Japanese internee and her family at Manzanar during World War Two. The title, Farewell to Manzanar, automatically sets a theme of grief, sadness, and loss. The significance of the title throughout the book, is that Jeanne is forced to say farewell to her father, friends, and previous lifestyle atone pointRead MoreDuring The Early Stages Of World War Ii (1939-1945), The1630 Words   |  7 PagesDuring the early stages of World War II (1939-1945), the Japanese Empire attacked the United States naval base at Pearl Harbor; this atrocity that the Japanese committed caused an increase in distrust and resentment towards the Japanese who lived within the United States. Such agitation leads to the creation of internment camps where the United States government placed individuals of Japanese descent for the remainder of the war as a preemptive method to isolate and contain the Japanese—limitingRead MoreJapanese Internment Camps Essay826 Words   |  4 Pagesreality. They had to remove their clothes and put on meager work clothing. They slept in tight quarters. They had no rights and were treated like animals. In America, the order came more immediately following the bombing of Pearl Harbor. On February 19, 1942, after Pearl Harbor when the U.S. got involved in World War II, the U.S. government issued Executive Order 9066. The order mandated that all citizens could be removed from the homes and interned in government-supervised camps. It was not aimedRead MoreLife in Japanese Internment Camp4453 Words   |  18 Pagescreating means of joy and happiness. A. The internees played games and sports. B. The internees made use of arts and music to create joy. C. The internees, especially women, enjoyed the freedom from having to do housework. D. The internees continued with what they did outside the barbed wire. III. The internees had no privacy and were always reminded of the fact that they are being controlled and supervised. A. Everywhere, they are surrounded by factors that forceRead More United States and the Japanese-Americans Essay5358 Words   |  22 Pagesothers Japanese immigrants. In 1913, the Alien Land Bill disqualified Japanese immigrants from owning land in California, and in 1924, the U.S. Congress, for all intents and purposes, disallowed any further immigration of Japanese people (Houston and Houston xi). This last act in this sequence is a culmination of anti-Asian sentiment. First, the United States would not give naturalization rights to Asian immigrant or even allow these immigrants to apply for citizenship. Then the U.S. government

Digitization Project of Ken Private Limited †

Question: Discuss about the Digitization Project of Ken Private Limited. Answer: Introduction Ken Private Limited Company is in the business of knowledge outsourcing as well as technology services. It was founded in the year 1991 in Texas, U.S. This company provides fabrication services like digitization, imaging, data conversion, language translation, content development and XML as well as mark-up services. Knowledge services include editorial services, content enhancement, and indexing and vocabulary development. Technology services involve designing, implementation and integration of systems. Ken Private Limited has offices in Asia, Europe and America. It has more than 5000 number of employees. It is a well reputed company with its net profit amounting to $ 90 million. Dogma International is a company that deals with the business of content-publishing. This company has the right to archive the prestigious newspaper called The Genesis Times. The Digitization Project of Ken Private Limited was to create and develop digital archives of The Genesis Times newspaper for Dogma In ternational. Ken Private Limited had aimed to archive 150 years of The Genesis Times newspaper. The project began in April, 2004 and the company had promised to deliver digitized newspaper for 10 years by July, 2004. The company had failed to deliver the project within the correct deadline and the client was dissatisfied due to this reason. This report discusses about the main issues that were stoping Ken Private Limited from delivering the Digitization Project to its client, Dogma International. It gives a brief overview of the main issues in terms of the concepts of organizational behaviour. This report analyses the issues and gives appropriate recommendations to overcome these issues. Identification of Issues Ken Private Limited had divided the activities of technology development and production into two teams between the Indian and Philippines office. This company had taken up this type of digitization project for the first time. The main focus of the Indian team was to develop technological platform and delivering it to the team in Philippines. The Filipino team was responsible for content processing as well as production by utilizing the new technical platform developed by the Indian team. The Filipino team was divided into five departments: Quality Assurance, Non-Production Staffs, Initial Process Imaging, Document Control and Distribution and PPC or Production Planning and Control. All the departments have department managers and the three Indian teams were lead by three assistant managers. Issue One: Resistance of the Filipino team towards learning and using new technology Problem It has been seen in the case study that the Filipino team was not comfortable in using any high-end or advanced technology. They had a preference towards the pragmatic or traditional workflow. They believed that the pragmatic workflow would have been more flexible for carrying out the production activities (Mariana, Daniela Nadina, 2013). They were unable to see the benefits or advantages of using and adopting the new technology that was being developed in the Indian office. The initial and the most important issue was the resistance of the Filipino team towards learning and using the advanced and high-end technology (Wittig, 2012). This team did not understand the value and the importance of the advanced or new technology. The Filipino team was accustomed to the existing technological platform for the production and content processing purposes. They were finding it difficult to give efforts to adapt any new technology (Kinchin, 2012). They were unaware of the purpose of developing the new technology. They had not been consulted by the management before taking this decision and they did not understand value of the new technology (Nesterkin, 2013). They were resistant towards the new technology because it would modify the current pattern of workflow and working relationships among the people (Kunze, Boehm Bruch, 2013). The team members wanted to remain in their comfort zones by not adopting any advanced technology. The Filipino team was not in a state to adopt the new technology. The IPI team members reported that the first segment of the technology was not user friendly and required improvement. This led to the initial delay of the delivery of the project. The DCD department found flaws and faults in t he second segment of the technology platform which further delayed the delivery of the project. The resistance of the Filipino team members towards the learning and usage of advanced technology was one of the main issues of that led to the delay and unsuccessful execution of the Digitization Project. Recommendations Transparency: The Filipino team should be informed about the importance and the need of adopting the new technology (Hon, Bloom Crant, 2014). The value as well as benefits of advanced technology should be explained to the Filipino team. Understanding individual benefits: The management team should explain the benefits that each individual will have by adopting the new technology. The company should make the Filipino team understand that the new technology will ease their working procedures and it will not have any negative impact on the employees (Cummings Worley, 2014). The team should understand that adopting the new technology will help to increase their level of productivity and efficiency. Encourage participation: The company should encourage the Filipino team to participate in the decision making process so that they can contribute their ideas and knowledge in the adoption of new technology (Green, 2012). This will help the team members to get a better picture and understanding about the technology and they will automatically understand the need and value of the advanced technology. It will help the team to understand that the advanced technology is needed for individual as well as the growth of the company. Agreement: The project manager must establish agreement. In this case study, the project manager is Mr. Sharma (Schalock Verdugo, 2012). He should ensure that the Filipino team and the Indian team are in terms of agreement regarding the development of the advanced technology platform. Training and Education: This case study shows that the Filipino team deals with production as well as content processing. They are not familiar with technology development. The company should conduct a training programme where the Filipino team will be taught about the features of the new technology that will be developed (Anderson, 2016). The DCD department should be trained to use the second segment of the new technology platform and IPI department should be trained to use the first segment of the new technology. Issue Two: Communication gap and barrier in Ken Private Limited Problem One of the main issues in the Digitization Project was the gap and barrier in communication between the Filipino and the Indian team. The main reasons behind this issue were physical separation and differences in culture, status as well as language. The Filipino team was hesitant towards the use of the new technology platform that was being implemented by the Indian technical team. The Filipino team members were unable to understand the use and application of the new technology platform, to the project as well as their team. The team members did not express their concerns and shared their doubt with the project manager. They continued to express their thoughts among the team members only. This widened the communication gap and led to project delay. Later on the team found that there were technical flaws and errors that led to the stop of the production process. This made the team think that the new technology was not needed and would lead to inefficiency in the operations of the orga nization. The project manager had conducted a meeting with the managers of the five departments of the Filipino team along with few team members. It has been seen that nobody was willing to express their concerns about the technical issues. A DCC department team member murmured about the technological errors. The employee had also mentioned that the Indian team was not paying much attention to the needs and concerns of the production team. The premature evaluation about the importance of the new technology that was done by the production team also led to the communication barrier. It has been seen that the employees were not comfortable in sharing their thoughts and concerns with the project manager which led to the close of the meeting. This clearly showed that there was status issue where the employees were not ready to open up in front of the project manager because of the high position attached to his designation (Lyons Kuron, 2014). This showed that their existed a communication gap between the team members and the project manager. Later on the project manager overheard a conversation between managers of the DCC and IPI department. The project manager came to know that the technical team was not responding to the production team quickly and they did not have a supportive attitude towards the production team. This showed that the technical team was not cooperative and there was a communication gap. Later on the project manager heard from the technical team that the production team was not patient and were resistant towards the use of new technology. This clearly showed that there was lack of cooperation between the two teams. Both the teams had different perspectives. This can be caused due to semantic issues and block due to cultural differences (Lee, Trimi Kim, 2013). Recommendations Communication training: Ken Private Limited should conduct communication training for the project team members (Bovee, Thill Raina, 2016). They should arrange for video conferences where the Filipino and the Indian team can communicate and overcome the cultural as well as the physical barriers. This will also help the employees to develop their communication skills. Linguistic knowledge: There exists language barrier between the Filipino and the Indian team. Both the teams should be trained to use simple language for communication between each other (Moran, Abramson Moran, 2014). The team members should not use jargons and dialect in an inter team conversation. Informal relations: The project manager should encourage both the teams to maintain an informal relation as well. They can be encouraged to wish one another in any festival and celebration. This will help to increase the effectiveness of the communication process by building healthy relationships (Goetsch Davis 2014). The formal communication process will also improve. The Filipino team will not hesitate to share their doubts and concerns regarding any technical issue. Employee orientation: Ken Private Limited should conduct an orientation program for all the project team members and the team managers before starting the project. This will help the team members of the Filipino to understand about the need of new technology. This will also help the teams to know each other (Penn Watermeyer, 2012). Selection of proper communication channel: The teams should know to use proper media while communicating with each other. They should know that video conference will be effective in case of any emergency query and issue. In case of regular communication E-mail will be sufficient. The members of the teams should be trained to be good listeners. Issue Three: Lack of understanding of customer needs Problem Lack of understanding of the client needs is another main reason behind the problems of the Digitization Project. The Digitization project was delivered after four months, but Ken Private Limited had delivered digitized newspapers for only two years. Dogma International was infuriated and had demanded high quality digitized newspapers within two months. The client had given a warning to end the contract if their demand was not fulfilled. This made Saiyumn Savarker to fly to Philippines to analyse the issue. Initially he met with the project manager and QA to collect the details about the issue. Later on he had arranged a meeting with the client to find out more regarding the problem. He got to know from the client that they were not satisfied with the quality of the image. The image quality was of great importance to the client because it played a major role in attracting the readers. The project manager informed that they were not aware of the fact that the client needed high quality images as well. The client had even told the project manager that nobody from the team had ever asked for their feedback. This showed that the project team did not understand the needs and expectations of the client. The project team did not consider the opinions of the customers (Yi Gong, 2013). This prevented the project team from understanding the requirements of the client, Dogma International. Recommendations Gain insights: The project manager of Ken Private Limited should conduct a general meeting with the client before starting the project. This will enable the project manager to gain an insight into the likes and dislikes of the client (Smith, 2012). The history of the client should be considered while undertaking and developing a project for the client. Gaining insight of the customer choice is extremely important for the project team to deliver a project that satisfies the needs of the client. Feedback: The client should be involved in the project development process so that they can give feedback (Sashi, 2012). This will help the project teams to develop a project according to the expectations of the client. The project team will be able to modify any feature in a quick and effective manner. The feedback should be taken in the form of E-mail, forms, usability tests and customer interviews (Roberts Grover, 2012). This feedback mechanism should continue till the delivery of the project. This should be an on-going process for the purpose of continuous improvement. Conclusion This report concludes that the major issues that prevented the Digitization project to be a success are lack of customer understanding, communication barrier and gap between both the technical and production team and the resistance towards new technology. The Filipino team that was responsible for content processing and production were resistant towards advanced technology. This report said that the Filipino team was comfortable with little use of advanced technology. They did not understand the need as well as the value of adopting advanced technology. This was one of the main issues of the Digitization Project. It has been recommended that encouraging participation of the Filipino team in sharing their opinions and training, educating them about the use of the new technology would help to overcome this issue. The next issue was communication barrier. There was status barrier between the Filipino team and the project manager and this made the team hesitate regarding sharing their co ncerns about the technical issues. There was communication gap between the Indian and the Filipino team. This was may be due to cultural differences as well as physical barrier. It has been recommended that an employee orientation plan, communication training, correct selection of communication media and building informal relationships will help to resolve such issues. The next main issue that has been identified is the lack of customer understanding. The project manager and the project team did not understand that the aesthetics were of huge importance to the customer. It has been recommended that getting customer insights and continuous feedback from the customers could help Ken Private Limited to understand the customer needs and expectations in an appropriate manner. References Anderson, D. L. 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